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What is MITM (Men-In-The-Middle-Attack) | Cyberops

What is MITM (Men-In-The-Middle-Attack)

By Chandan Singh 1 Comment August 29, 2016


A man-in-the-middle attack is a kind of cyber-attack where attacker inserts him/her into a conversation between two parties, try to impress both sides and gains access to information that both parties are trying to send to each other. A man-in-the-middle attack allows a malicious attacker to interception between sender and receiver sides. Attacker can send and receive data without knowing to both parties. Men in The Middle attack form can be compressed in many ways, including MitM, MITM Attack, MITMA.

Key Concepts of Men-In-The-Attack

  • Man-in-the-middle is a type of spy attack that occurs when a malicious attacker inserts themselves as a relay/proxy into a conversation between two or more systems.
  • Man-in-the-middle attack allows attacker to intercept, send and receive data without knowing to anyone.
  • MITM attackexploits the real-time handling of transactions, communication or transfer of other data.

Working of MITM

working of the men in the middle attack

The attacker is imitating both sides of the discussion to access money. This illustration shows that attacker monitor on victim’s conversation and can intercept also. and Victims A and B think that they are communicating with each other.

Interaction Vulnerable to MITM Attacks

  • Connections intended to be secure by public and private key.
  • Websites that require login – there something gain by access.
  • Financial sites – between login and authentication.

Safety Tips for MITM Attack


If you want to learn more about what is VPN and how it works, then go to our another post VPN

To take benefits of VPN, you must have a remote, VPN Server Set up & configured.

Go to Start Menu >> Control Panel >> network and Internet >> Network and Sharing Center >> Setup a new connection or network.

Then a wizard will occur so click onto Connect and then Next

There are two options

  • Use my internet connection (VPN)
  • Dial Directly

Input the IP address of the VPN server and click on Next. Then VPN asks your username and password, just fill up and click on Create button.

Now your VPN configuration is ready, you can click onto Connect Now and surf internet safely.

Proxy Server with Data Encryption

This method is used to encrypt your data while transferring between you and proxy server. There are many software’s available on internet so you can download them named as hide my IP etc. You can download and install them to encrypt your data.

Basically it uses for your internet traffic to the websites, whatever you are visiting will be always encrypted for example https sites.

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