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UK Hospitals’ Windows XP Computers Infected with Ransomware | Cyberops

UK Hospitals’ Windows XP Computers Infected with Ransomware

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment January 16, 2017

“Computers operated by Barts Health NHS Trust, which is one of the most significant NHS trusts in the United Kingdom and is the owner of several UK hospitals, were infected with ransomware and several thousands of documents were compromised. ”

The trust continues running windows XP on its computer system, and based on reviews, there still are no plans to upgrade to more recent windows operating version. It’s unclear if security solutions were operating on the compromised computer systems or not.

Within a statement posted on the website, the trust verifies the virus infection and says that it’s already working on recovering after the attack.

“We always urgently investigate this subject and have taken a number of drives off-line as a precautionary solution. Importantly, we can now rule out ransomware as the root cause”, the trust said.

“We also have established that in addition to the Trust’s core clinical system Contonearse Millennium, Radiology and image resolution from X-rays and tests continue to be used as normal. We have tried and tested backup plans in place and are making every work to ensure that patient care will not be affected. ”

As much as the reasons for staying with Windows 7 for so long after the end of support are involved, most NHS trusts authorized custom support deals with Microsoft to receive improvements until the migration to a newer Windows version is complete.

On the other hand, plans to migrate to newer windows not yet completed in the case of most UK health organizations, leaving them susceptible to episodes such as ransomware attacks.


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