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Unpatched Critical Windows SMBv3 Flaw Disclosed by Microsoft

By Aneesh A S 0 Comment March 12, 2020

Microsoft issued an advisory warning its Windows users of a new critical, unpatched, and wormable vulnerability affecting Server Message Block 3.0 (SMBv3) network communication protocol reported as part of the March 2020 Patch Tuesday update. Server Message Block protocol is used for file sharing, network browsing, printing services, and interprocess communication over a network. Microsoft […]

“4 New Critical Flaws” in Windows 10 Discovered by Microsoft

By Dibya Nayani Senapati 0 Comment August 23, 2019

4 new critical security flaws in Windows 10 were discovered by Microsoft itself. The company is worried about these security bugs because according to them these bugs could be weaponized to launch a computer virus targeting the PCs and servers across the world. These 4 flaws are “wormable”, meaning these flaws open the path for […]


Warning!! Windows Defender can be Disabled by New Version of TrickBot Trojan

By Chaitra V M 0 Comment August 5, 2019

TrickBot is a particularly stealthy banking Trojan which has existed since 2016. Since then, it has been thought to have leaked at least 250 million email accounts in order to distribute malware payload. TrickBot is a banking Trojan that  continues its evolution of targeting software security in order to prevent its removal and  detection. TrickBot […]

Google told how to hack any computer on Windows 10

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment May 3, 2018

Google experts revealed a new vulnerability in the operating system Microsoft Windows 10, as a result of which, if necessary, any hacker can crack it. It’s about the application Artbitrary Code Guard, which is designed to protect the computer’s memory from various malicious programs. But Google said that it has low efficiency, reports NT Blog. In Moscow announced an emergency warning because […]

The Netherlands are concerned about the surveillance of Windows 10 by users

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment October 17, 2017

Another European state is concerned about Microsoft’s collection of large volumes of telemetry data from computers running Windows 10 Home and Pro. On Friday, October 13, the Netherlands Data Protection Authority (PA) said that by processing personal information of users, the American company violates Dutch law. If Microsoft does not change its policy, it will […]

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