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Demystifying Cloud Security

By Aneesh A S 0 Comment February 24, 2020

Cloud security refers to the technologies , policies , applications and controls that secures cloud computing environments against insider and external cybersecurity threats. Cloud computing can be defined as the delivery of different services through the Internet. These services include applications and tools like data storage, databases, software and networking. Cloud computing has become essential […]

What are Honeypots and how can it increase your security

By Yash Kudal 0 Comment February 20, 2020

What are honeypots? Honeypots can be defined as a trap that is used to detect attempts by any unauthorized use of information systems. Honeypots actually open the tables for hackers and computer security experts. The main purpose of a honeypot is to obtain or learn from attacks and to use other information to improve security. […]

How does the information security system help you achieve your business goals?

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment May 19, 2018

At present, companies are experiencing ever-increasing pressure to comply with regulatory requirements, maintain a high level of operational efficiency and business stability, and increase the company’s shareholder appeal. In a highly competitive environment, companies can no longer afford to engage in information security sporadically. To ensure the preservation and protection of intellectual property, confidential customer information […]

Fake Windows Troubleshooting Support Scam Uploads Screenshots and Uses Paypal

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment December 7, 2017

Malwarebytes security researcher Peter Arntz has discovered a new fraud scheme in which scammers use an error message and a fake Troubleshooter for Windows application (Paypal,Fraud Scheme) to trick the user into buying a non-existent Windows Defender Essentials software for $ 25. As a method of payment, users are encouraged to use PayPal, Bleeping Computer […]

Bengaluru police go high-tech: City to Get Stronger Cybercrime Unit

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment January 25, 2017

To get a city bearing the IT city and startup hub, Bengaluru’s cybercrime-fighting skills are rudimentary. The police are finally moving up its act, starting with a larger, dedicated unit fully equipped to investigate all types of cyber crimes. Regarding 40 policemen deployed to this new cell will be trained to offer the package with […]

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