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Kasper-sky Lab has Accused Microsoft to disable its Antivirus

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment June 7, 2017

Late last year, Kaspersky Lab has filed a complaint with the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) on the Microsoft company. Now she brings the battlefield in Europe, where he has also filed an antitrust complaint to the European Commission and the Federal Cartel Office of Germany. Microsoft is accused of using the dominant Windows operating […]

Microsoft may be killing File History with the Windows 10

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment June 5, 2017

The next update of Windows 10 will be in the fall, called Fall Creators Update the operating system. As usual, the Microsoft is planning several major innovations, features, and improvements to existing features. However, developers will not only add but also clean. Users can lose function called “history files”. This built-in file backup tool that […]

Wanna-Cry Ransomware Hit Windows 7

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment May 30, 2017

The most machines hit by the WannaCry ransomware worm in the cyber-attack earlier in may were running Windows 7, security organizations suggest. Much more than 97% of the infections seen by Kaspersky Lab and 66% of those seen by BitSight used the older software. WannaCry started spreading in mid-May and, so much, has infected more […]

Microsoft Quietly Patches Another Critical Malware Protection Engine Flaw

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment May 29, 2017

Microsoft quietly patched a critical vulnerability Wednesday in the Malware Protection Engine. The vulnerability was found May 12 by Google’s Task Zero team, which said an attacker could have crafted an executable that when processed by the Malware Protection Engine’s emulator could permit remote code execution. Unlike May 9 emergency patch so that Google researchers […]

Microsoft Reveals a Special Version of Windows 10 For Chinese Government

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment May 24, 2017

  China is very strict about censorship, which is why the country has become very paranoid when it comes to adopting the foreign technology. The country banned Microsoft’s Windows operating system on government computers in 2014 among concerns about security and US surveillance. Actually, in the wake of these, China had been forcing its custom […]

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