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Tag: Cyber Security Tutorials

How to get free data using the T-Mobile National Network by 17 Years Hacker

By Prempal Singh 0 Comment September 16, 2016

  Accessing Mobile data to National Network of T-Mobile successfully figure out by A 17 Year old boy. T-Mobile is most prominent wireless and service provider in ‘US’. Jacobe Ajit discovering that how to get free data, prepaid T-mobile phone decided to declare or publish is findings after this case that it did not “Pose […]

Cyber-Terrorist Targeting Indian Government – Researcher

By Prempal Singh 0 Comment September 15, 2016

The actual threat, range from very narrow to very wide-ranging, carried by Cyber-Terrorism has provoked considerable alarm. Source: hackmageddon Terrorists involved in Cyber Lookout and Operations aim is getting access to Nation’s critical infrastructure involving both Authorities or Government as well as Personal sectors. The Frequency and Intensity of such Cyber-attacks are increasing rapidly and […]

‘Guide For Pokemon Go’ Android app, require roots & then hijacks devices

By Prempal Singh 0 Comment September 15, 2016

  We all know about  Pokemon Go Game, and its rising day by day. Now another app launched ‘Guide For Pokemon Go‘, and if we talking about number of downloads then its a half million of ‘Pokemon Go’ game player. Pokemon Go Player download malicious android app, which require that your phone is root, mean […]

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