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Cyber crime: Hurdles Delhi Police face

By Prempal Singh 0 Comment December 28, 2016

Cyber crime is on the growing stage. Delhi Police, while signing up cases for computer-related accidents and for online publishing of sexually offensive content, often finds itself hard-pressed to prove these offenses in court. This past year, Delhi Police registered 77 FIRs under the Information Technology Act but could make arrests and file demand sheets […]

Post cashless drive, cyber crime on the rise

By Prempal Singh 0 Comment December 28, 2016

With three days to go prior to the demonetization deadline arranged up by PM Narendra Modi ends, the goal posts have moved from cracking down on black money to a digitised cashless economy Nevertheless, this has opened up the Pandora’s box as cyber security experts alert that the digitisation of our economy without a robust […]

Digital payment firms pad up against hacker attacks

By Prempal Singh 0 Comment December 19, 2016

A spurt in digital deals and payments in the wake of demonetization may have spelled to digital wallets and mobile payment companies, but it has also increased threats from hackers. This kind of has prompted many such companies to conduct special audits with their security as recommended by the Reserve Bank of India and add extra […]

Yahoo Admits 1 Billion Accounts Compromised in Discovered Data Breach

By Prempal Singh 0 Comment December 15, 2016

Yahoo has announced that “more than one billion end user accounts” may have recently been stolen by hackers during an attack that required the place in August 2013, according to a press release. This really is an individual hack than the one that Yahoo announced in September. The month of September, in which as many […]

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