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Latest App that detects hidden Bluetooth Card Skimmers at Petrol Pumps

By Dibya Nayani Senapati 0 Comment August 23, 2019

In recent years Skimming attacks has increased a lot and Law enforcement agencies have reported many cases of petrol pumps where cybercriminals have installed Bluetooth card skimmers across the nation. The media has reported several recent crimes surrounding credit card skimmers, some cases are:- Petrol pump skimmers found at Boerne stations. Fuel Station Credit Card […]

Be Aware ! Wireless Headphone can be hacked easily

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment May 12, 2017

The intelligence agencies, large corporations, and the hackers we do not listen and do not look, using microphones and cameras built into all sorts of gadgets and computers. Supporters of the “conspiracy theory” has long been taped with electrical tape eye on their laptops, cameras, to avoid becoming a victim, but from the ubiquitous technologies […]

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