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Spearphone Cyber Attack

Latest Attack on Android Known As “Spearphone Attack”

By Mohammed Tahir 0 Comment August 1, 2019

“Spearphone Attack ” The New Attack, Lets Android Apps Capture Loudspeaker Data Without Any Privileges  Research revealing how more than 1300 Android apps are collecting sensitive data even when users have explicitly denied the required permissions. Primarily observed by the researcher that how developers abuse multiple procedures around to collect location data, phone identifiers, and […]

Media File Jacking

By Mohammed Tahir 0 Comment August 1, 2019

According to new research by Symantec have shared a detailed report regarding a media file jacking flaw threatening Android apps. According to their research hackers can simply manipulate media files transferred over WhatsApp, Telegram, and Android applications. Neither the sender nor the receiving user would ever notice this manipulation. The attack does however only work […]

Trojan King: found the most powerful Spyware for Android

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment January 29, 2018

Trojan King: found the most powerful Spyware for Android – Kaspersky Lab specialists have identified a malicious program for mobile devices on the Android platform, which has unprecedented capabilities. The Sky free virus can include sound recording at a time when the victim is in a certain place, allows you to monitor the work of a […]

6 vulnerabilities have been fixed in Android, allowing remote code execution

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment November 7, 2017

Linux kernel developer Scotty Bauer has discovered a new way of unobtrusively hacking Android-devices and infecting their malware with Wi-Fi-transmitted malware. Bauer found several software errors in the qcacld Wi-Fi driver, which supports Qualcomm Atheros chipsets. These chipsets, along with the problem driver, are used in many Android smartphones, tablets, routers and other devices, including Pixel […]

Beware! All Versions of Android Vulnerable to Extremely Dangerous Full Devices Takeover Attacks

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment May 26, 2017

Experts have uncovered a new attack, dubbed ‘Cloak and Dagger’, that works against all versions of Android os, up to version 7.1.2. Cloak and Dagger attack allows hackers to silently take full control of your device and steal private information, including keystrokes, chats, device PIN number, online account passwords, OTP passcode, and contacts. Exactly what […]

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