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Service providers should help to stop cyber crime | Cyberops

Service providers should help to stop cyber crime

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment April 7, 2017

Through the years, data capacities and rates were the purposes that Kenyans used to make a decision the best suited Net Service Providers (ISPs) to work with. With the rise in internet sensitivity in Kenya, standing at 45 percent, data security is becoming the next big story.

ISPs can increase earnings and customer loyalty by promising security in the internet space for their clients. Cyber-security processes and functions, particularly for business applications has become quite complex, demanding trained cyber security specialists, frequent vigilance and huge investments in technology. Small Medium Enterprises (SME) cannot manage the investment.

Therefore, they look to outsourcing these services, hence the increased demand for managed security services as proposed by ISPs. ISPs have got the reach and skilled personnel to meet these needs for your business and which may cover the method for opportunities in delivering data center services where data security is a key thought.

The intensive growth in cloud services for business, as well as non-commercial internet connectivity, is changing the role of ISPs in the manner they give data security services.

Therefore, there is huge potential for ISPs to claim market show from Antivirus Security Services Vendors while establishing themselves as ‘trusted’ cyber-security advisors for their clients.

“Citizen” needs to understand how smart devices and Internet of Things will impact his exposure to cyber-security risks. Since all these devices require net connection through an ISP, they have an optimal possibility to develop and secure value-added services and even new service propositions.

The brand new breed of ISPs will have to offer the diverse portfolio of security solutions and be a reliable authority between the cyber criminal and would-be sufferer as far as cyber-attacks go.

There will be a shift from safeguarding the terminal devices like phones and computers to protecting the network links. Clients are willing to pay a premium if the service offers more value and ensures the integrity of information while protecting the user and their equipment, whether at home or at work.

There is, therefore, a possibility for ISPs to play a lead role in driving the cyber-security schedule from an integrated marketing communications technologies standpoint. This could be achieved by joining up with endpoint solution sellers in the provision of cyber-security services.

As we grow even more reliant on linked technologies in our daily lives, it’s understandable that cyber-security should be the backbone of all infrastructure and service delivery propositions, looking at both existing and future market requirements.


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