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'Ransomeware' virus major threat to online data | Cyberops

‘Ransomeware’ virus major threat to online data

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment November 11, 2016


Hacktivists warn the users to be aware and also have a backup of files as the hackers seldom give a solution to decrypt the files despite getting extortion money.

According to a site India is 5th-most attacked country in the world and the 3rd-most attacked in Asia with ransomware.

While cyber cellular hardly maintain any information related to the criminal offense, afflicted users choose to contact cyber experts or pay off the money to get the gain access to back else they lose the data forever because of to the heavy ransom demanded. But seldom will the user get the password to decrypt documents after paying the ransom.

Ransomware is a type of malware that can abstain one using his PC or rename and encrypt the files. There will come a message with a warning to pay money via Bit-Coin(crypto-currency) or perform other actions before being able to use the device again. ”

Sahu has handled several cases in Raipur mainly from the scholars of law university or college and professionals.

Explaining the gravity of the problem, Sahu declared that Ransomware is one of the biggest threat to the internet world when everything right from mobile devices to government’s ambitious projects like e-governance and smart city are the most targeted ones.

Hackers encrypt documents or maybe the whole computer obstructing you unlock the display with a message blinking on it with caution messages of losing the files if attempted to decrypt or pay the fine within a certain time limit.

The payments are supposed to be done via a network called Tor (community-based network)- where the cybercriminals can create their personal network, it can like a hide for criminals which isn’t easily accessible to intelligence wings.

Police sources said that folks do not approach them mostly because they experienced already tried and experienced paid the cash to restore the files but since they failed to do so, it makes them feel ashamed.
While there is the cure to decrypt the files, backup of the information is one of the safest options users should choose. During tensions loitering between India and Pakistan, hackers from both countries send Ransomware randomly to each others’ systems.

On US and UK instances of Ransomware being put to systems that control office temperatures, lockers, CCTV security cameras have also come to the fore, while the users get back again access after heavy obligations, there’s always a probability of getting hacked again.


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