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Police block 800 hateful posts, most common | Cyberops

Police block 800 hateful posts, most common

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment March 21, 2017

MUMBAI: In a cooperative make an effort to prevent any unfavorable incident that can take a communal angle and business lead to riots, Mumbai law enforcement officials have managed to get more than 800 attention grabbing and controversial websites and social media pages blacklisted before one year –between February 2016 and 2017.

After an insulting post was allegedly available on 22-year-old Cheeta Camp homeowner Arvind Chinva’s Facebook web page, a mob set a police vehicle on open fire and damaged public property on the midnight of Saturday.

Deven Bharti,  the joint commissioner of police (law and order), said the force has been constantly at work to prevent controversial and sensitive articles and pages that can lead to untoward incidents. “Our staff works round-the-clock on this issue. We have been sending requests to block such websites, Tweets handles, Facebook pages, websites, sites and another way of social media, “said Bharti. The state’s anti-terrorism squad, too, has delivered requests to block a bunch of websites and other social media pages that were insulting in mother nature.

Once cops survey a post which they understand as anti-social, anti-national or against any religion or religious beliefs, they send a request to the PC Emergency Response Group (CERT) to get it deleted or a site blocked.

Mumbai police have multiple dedicated teams of an investigator who scan the web on a daily basis and get occupied deleting them before large numbers of other citizens can view them. These unit work at the web crime police station, the social media lab, and various police stations

In case insulting videos are uploaded, law enforcement writes to companies and seeks information about their internet protocol (IP) addresses. Later, these details are shared with CERT which blocks them.


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