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New version of Windows 10 will move to ReFS file system

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment June 7, 2017

MDL forum users found a new edition of Windows 10 in the once “deadly” assembly 16212. Apparently, the Microsoft plans to release several versions of Windows 10, focused mainly on the employees of large enterprises and educational institutions.

Their main innovation will be the use of fresh and faster file system, which will soon replace NTFS. The new edition was labeled Windows 10 for Advanced PCs, Windows 10 Pro N for Advanced PCs and Windows Server 2016 Server RDSH(Remote Desktop Session Host).

So far about future releases very little is known. The only edition of which there is at least some evidence-informed – a Windows 10 for Advanced PCs, which changed its operating name to Windows 10 Pro for Workstations. Its key features will Workstation mode (optimization of the operating system to improve the performance indicators), faster file sharing and enhanced support for “iron” (users can simultaneously use up to four processors and to increase the memory capacity up to 6 TB).

But the main trump card version will be a new file system, as discussed above. ReFS(Resilient File System) – successor classical NTFS, wherein high speed and ability to cope with a huge amount of data.

On two other editions, virtually nothing is known. Windows Pro N for Advanced PCs most likely focused on the European Union, and Windows Server 2016 ServerRdsh focused on servers running RD Session Host.

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