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Mumbai Top Cop Admits, Not Enough Cyber Crime Specialists | Cyberops

Mumbai Top Cop Admits, Not Enough Cyber Crime Specialists

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment October 7, 2016

Mumbai Police commissioner Datta Padsalgikar on Monday admitted that police lacks enough trained personnel for investigating with the rising internet crime.

He also pointed out that conviction rate in Mumbai had improved significantly, from 19% five years ago to 60% now. During a question-answer program at the Indian Retailers Chamber, he said that cyber crime was a major issue.

“It’s a major issue, we must people especially to learn for this. I do admit there aren’t too many trained people in cyber crime, ” this individual said.

“We take help from other agencies, both government and private, to help us train our people and also help us in certain important cases, ” he said.

Rising cyber crime was a challenge, he mentioned. “IT Act says looking into officer cannot be under the rank of inspector. But we don’t have so many trained inspectors.”

“The conviction rate of Mumbai city has definitely improved. Five years back it was 19%, today it is about 60%, ” he said.

He also made a presentation on the traffic situation in the town. “Keeping Mumbai safe is the biggest challenge in conditions of traffic control”, he said.

Source: news18

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