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Microsoft may be killing File History with the Windows 10 | Cyberops

Microsoft may be killing File History with the Windows 10

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment June 5, 2017

The next update of Windows 10 will be in the fall, called Fall Creators Update the operating system. As usual, the Microsoft is planning several major innovations, features, and improvements to existing features.

However, developers will not only add but also clean. Users can lose function called “history files”. This built-in file backup tool that has been around since Windows 8.

On the Microsoft mistakenly released a preview build of Windows 10, which led to the loss of smartphone functionality. On computers, such unpleasant consequences were not, so users had the opportunity to meet with some modifications. As it turned out, in the history of the file can no longer create new backup copies of files, though it is possible to restore the pre-existing.

It is unlikely that Windows 10 system will be left without a backup file mechanisms, so developers can cook something new, something that will be in the next build. Moreover, since the assembly is unofficial, and Microsoft no announcements regarding the history of the files is not done, it is likely that this function will not go anywhere.

Backing up files and is available with the help of third-party applications, the choice among them is quite rich. Despite this, many people are embedded operating system mechanism is the most convenient option. This week is expected to appear next assembly, on which you can more accurately know the fate of history files.

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