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Interesting Cyber Security Figures

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment April 7, 2017

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (CSAM), and lots of great information, highlighting as well as best practices, has recently been shared to inform businesses and individuals. In support of #CyberAware, we’ve gathered a selection of interesting data and insights about cyber security incidents and threat vectors.


1. Internet security incidents have increased 38% since 2014.

2. Harmful cyber attacks cost US $300 B to the US $ 1Trillion a yr!

3. Data breaches average $154 per record, even though the average cost per data infringement has reached $3.79MM.

4. Attackers often have more than 200 days before being discovered.

5. Privilege mistreatment is #3 out of nine attack patterns present in 96% of all removed, in line with the 2015 Verizon Info Breach Investigations Report.

6. Although deal makers are generally aware of the effect that cyber security dangers can have on a pending M&A deal, 78 percent “believe cyber security is not analyzed in great depth or specifically quantified as part of the M&A due to persistence process. ”

7. Asked which stage of a strike is the most challenging to mitigate: 61 percent from IT security executives cited honored account takeover; versus forty-four percent in 2014.

The cyber security disconnect:

1. 80 percent of board members declare cyber security is reviewed at most or all board meetings, yet, two-thirds of CIOs and CISOs say senior leaders in their organization don’t view cyber security as a strategic priority.

2. Despite almost daily reports revealing the opposite, 44% of organizations still believe they can keep attackers off their network entirely.

3. 28% of organizations claim to have a “problematic” shortage of cyber security skills today.

The National Cyber Security Alliance has put jointly a helpful set of free resources to help organizations and individuals remain safe online.


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