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Indian Startup developed Next-Gen CyberSecurity on BlockChain | Cyberops

Indian Startup developed Next-Gen CyberSecurity on BlockChain

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment March 27, 2017

Growing cases of cybercrimes and online frauds, a newly launched Mumbai centered startup Block Armour features a cyber security protocol which is based on blockchain which will reclaim the cybersecurity problem in the country.

The startup was introduced by Narayan Neelakantan, former CISCO, and head from IT Danger and Conformity with India’s (NSE) Nationwide Inventory Trade and Floyd DCosta, who has a background in administration agency and spent 11 years at Capgemini.

As cybercrime has been escalating in unprecedented rate and charging million of injury, Stop Armour aims to use the potential of blockchains to counter the growing cyber security challenges in a smarter, faster way and at a less expensive current cost.

CEO, Narayan Neelakantam has over sixteen years of work experience in CyberSecurity says, “We have emerging technologies like blockchain and TLS technology as well as architectures like the program Defined Edge that can be effectively used to reclaim cybersecurity. That’s just what we are joining together at Block Armour. ”

Despite a significant rise in global IT security spending, Internet security incidents continue to grow across industries with existing solutions struggling to keep pace. The total world expenditures for IT safety is $148.5 billion from $65.5 billion in 2013 to $83 billion in 2016 with cloud safety expected to develop by 50 p.c.

In order to promote themselves, Block Armor released a promo code that will attract the audience.

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In an Interview with CNN, Neelakantam said: “There is a remarkable enhance in networked gizmos and the internet of Concerns (IoT) has additional troubles, whereas the use of yesterday’s know-how to have difficulty cybercrime is compounding the difficulties. Cybersecurity challenges expected to get greater, bigger and extra complicated within the many year’s motions forward. ” Read more Indian Startup.


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