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How to make bootable pendrive in 3 Steps | Cyberops

How to make bootable pendrive in 3 Steps

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment September 14, 2016

Although there are many ways to make bootable pen drive, but today I wanna share you a simple way to make bootable pen drive for all Operating Systems.

  • Requirements: 
    USB Drive at least 4 GB or above
    Universal USB Installer
    Windows Operating System
    Operating System ISO File

Step 1:

Open Universal USB Installer, click on I agree


Step 2:

Select the Operating System Type, In this tutorial, I am making bootable pen drive for Kali Linux

Select Kali Linux ISO File

Select USB drive and click on format drive


Just accept the warning message


Step 3:

Wait, let it complete the process…


Check Out Video Tutorial for making bootable USB Pendrive

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