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How to make bootable Pen Drive

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment July 22, 2016

How to make Bootable Storage/Pen Drive on Windows System

First, you have to make sure that what type of bootable device you wanted yourself either it is bootable USB pen drives or bootable compact cd or DVD

Now, here we talk about how to make a bootable pen drive on windows system

Before started, Things which we must have in our hands and also in windows system

  1. A USB Pen Drive must have at least 8.00 GB of storage capacity for better performance.
  2. A running computer which have windows operating system in it.
  3. An ISO file Consist of any operating system in it whether it is windows operating system or Linux operating system.
  4. A must needed tool called Power ISO to convert our USB pen drive into bootable USB pen drive.
  5. Now, last but not least all you have to do is follow the below steps correctly and have some patience.

First, You have to insert your USB pend drive into one of your computer’s USB port and you see a removable drive named icon in my computer like this


To make sure you’ll not see any error while booting you have to format once your bootable USB pen drive just right click on you USB drive icon and see here it is


Now you see something like this


Now, Click on the start button and if warning popup appear don’t worry press ok and wait for a minute so the process complete itself and after the process is complete you see something like this


Now, Press ok and close the dialogue box now we move to the main process So here it is


To create a bootable USB pen drive you must have an ISO file of desired operating system you want to install and you must have the correct ISO file version for your computer like if your computer supports x64 Bit then you have to download x64 Bit based ISO file of operating system and if your computer supports x32/x86 Bit then you have to download x32/x86 Bit based ISO file of operating system.

Here i used x64 Bit based ISO file of Kali Linux V1.1 operating system see below


Now, All you need to do is Just download Power ISO tool from below link from your windows version like I have x64 Bit based operating system so I downloaded x64 Bit version of Power ISO see below image

Now, You have Power ISO tool so install it and run it as administrator. You’ll see something like this
Don’t worry about popup that says this is unregistered version ignore it and just click on continue unregistered.
 Now, Click on the tool option in it see image below


Now, Click on the Create Bootable USB Drive see image below


Now, You see a popup like below and click on the button below to browse your ISO file


Now after clicking on the button you see something like this now browse your ISO file location in it like this


Now, Select your ISO file and then click on the open button

 Here, You see something like this


Now click on start button see above image

Now you see something like this


Click on the okay button and you’ll see something like that


Now, have some patience wait for a few minutes until the process complete itself

All done the process is complete and you successfully create a bootable USB Pen Drive. see image below


Now, Click on the ok button and close the popup and close the Power ISO also and you have successfully done the process.

Now, all you have to do is just remove your USB Pen Drive and Re-insert it again into your computer and check it to ensure that you have successfully created a bootable USB Pen Drive. Thanks

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