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How to install and use of Linux Bash in Windows 10 | Cyberops

How to install and use of Linux Bash in Windows 10

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment August 5, 2016

How to Install

To get start to install Linux Bash in windows, make sure that your system is enable insider Preview builds. Linux Bash in windows 10 works only on 64 Bit Operating System. So you can check these information by:

My Computer >> Right Click >> Properties

Once you sure that above thing go to setting by clicking on start menu and then setting.


And then go to Update & Security and then go to Developer Option

developer option

Search “Turn Windows Feature on of off” on Find a setting tab. Then check on “Windows Subsystem for Linux (Beta)”

windows beta option

Then simply click OK, Now prompt to reboot your operating system. And after that Linux Bash option is enabled.

How To Use Linux Bash (Beta)

After restart your operating system go to start menu and type bash and enter.

bash on ubuntu start menu

In case you are using first time Linux Bash, you will need to accept the term of services. Then it will ask to create a user account with password for use in the Bash Environment. Completion of this process your bash icon is change on start menu, now you can use Bash on Ubuntu on Windows.

bash on ubuntu2

Now you can use this terminal a like Ubuntu Terminal. Here is commands which helps you to both Windows Terminal and Bash on Ubuntu.

  • Change Directory: cd in Bash, cd or chdir in DOS
  • List Contents of Directory: ls in Bash, dir in DOS
  • Move or Rename a File: mv in Bash, move and rename in DOS
  • Copy a File: cp in Bash, copy in DOS
  • Delete a File: rm in Bash, del or erase in DOS
  • Create a Directory: mkdir in Bash, mkdir in DOS
  • Use a Text Editor: vi or nano in Bash, edit in DOS

bash on ubuntu3

Enjoy with Bash on Ubuntu on Windows without any Virtual Machine.

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