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How to get IP address of website using Command Prompt | Cyberops

How to get IP address of website using Command Prompt

By Shaurya Sharma 0 Comment September 6, 2016

Computer or server not understand our language, for example whenever you type any website such as or on URL address bar of browser, then server not able to understand that what is that? Basically Computer or server understand IP address, Behind of every website domain there is a IP, which based on Domain Name System. (What is Domain Name System).

So in this tutorial I am going to teach you how to how to get website IP address using of Command Prompt.

Go to Start >> cmd (Command Prompt) and follow below instructions

ping <Website Domain Name which you want to IP address>

For Example you want to IP so type


And Press Enter for execute

website ping Cyberops Infosec

And you successfully find google’s IP address, if you want to check that IP is correct or not then open your browser and execute this IP.

browser URL

Google will open automatically on your browser if your IP is correct.


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