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How to choose strong password

By Chandan Singh 1 Comment July 22, 2016

How to choose strong password

People can easily guess your password, password is set of characters, number and special characters which used for authenticate to prove their identity. So basically there are some points which helps you to choosing strongest password.


Password which easily guessed

  • Your name or pet name, or family member name.
  • Any word in which in the dictionary, there are many application or software which guess dictionary words.
  • All digits or all same letters.
  • Your phone number, vehicle number, birthday date etc.
  1. Your login name like simple form, capitalized, twice.
  • Something related to your profile like cyberops.
  • Your name and then some common number for example cyberops12345.


Which type of password is strongest? Basic fundamental to choose password.

  • Password should not be your name, pet name or family member name.
  • Do not use any dictionary words type password like tiger, lion etc.
  • Not related with your profile example your designation, company name etc.
  • Easy to type to make it more difficult for someone to look over your shoulder to see what keys you have pressed.
  • Password should be combination of characters, number, special characters or punctuation.


How to choose a good password

  • You should use punctuation, numbers as well as characters in your password.
  • If you want to your password is easy to remember then you can change the characters into number (example: you want to choose password cyberops but it is easily guess so you can convert into like Cyb3R0ps now you password is strongest.
  • You can change your word style like convert I am a sweet boy into I @m a $w33t b0wy.
  • Now a days websites provide features to two way authentication password for security purpose so enable that feature like in GMAIL.


Some fundamental to use password

  • Do not share your password.
  • Do not write your password to anywhere.
  • Do not store your password with “Remember Password”.
  • Time to time change your password, it should be change into at least in two months.
  • If you doubt your online account is accessed by another person then check login activities and then end that activities and immediately change the password.
  • Once you obtain an account like from your company or any type of websites, then immediately change the password.
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