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How To Access Websites Without Internet Connection On Smart Phone

By Shaurya Sharma 0 Comment November 23, 2016


We know very well that if we want to access some website then we have an internet connection. If you are a student and want to access some website and in your home, there is no internet connection, then I wanna go to a simple trick then you can access the website without the internet connection on your smartphone. The basic requirement of this trick is that you have to install an application and once save that website which you want to access offline.

Android App: OfflineBrowser

Step 1: Search on Google Play Store or download direct OfflineBrowser


Step 2 : Install this app and write down the website link which you want to access offline, and there is a title option, therefore you are not confusing if two or more websites are same. And tap on Download Button.


Step 3: Website will save offline with images and the same type of fonts as like online website.


Step 4: Now I disable the Wi-Fi Connection and tap on Cyberops Blog (Title Name) now the web page is showing you without any an internet connection.


So this is a very simple trick to get access of website without any internet connection, save educational websites, articles or any news website.

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