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How Hackers are using corona virus for phishing attack | Cyberops

How Hackers are using corona virus for phishing attack

By Devashish Soni 0 Comment February 26, 2020

What is Corona Virus

          Corona-virus is a part of big family of viruses that can cause illness from the common cold to more severe diseases. A novel corona-virus is a new type that has not been previously identified by humans.

What is Phishing Attack

Phishing is an attempt to steal sensitive information like email, password, and username. In phishing hackers uses social engineering to manipulate users to perform special actions like clicking on a malicious link or downloading malicious file and then to steal information.

How Hackers are using it

Hackers are using phishing attacks to take advantage of coronavirus crisis. Hackers are trying to maximize this opportunity and accelerate the spread of malware and Trojan through these fake documents.

  • Fake CDC Alerts (Centers for Disease Control): In this attacker bait the victim with the list of viruses in their surroundings. In order to see the list, you have to click on the link provided by the attacker which will send you to a credential-stealing page.
  • Binding Payload: Here hackers target the victim by manipulating them to install an application which will send them a notification about the corona virus and how you can safeguard yourself from it. But in reality, this application creates a backdoor for the hackers to steal information about you. These payloads can be bound with text, images, and videos also.

A few tips to remain from these types of attack

  • Always take precaution when opening emails titled ‘Corona-virus’
  • Always be careful when you receive email in the file formats .MP4, .PDF,.DOC
  • Be careful from emails spreading fake news about the virus
  • Always check for the link before opening it
  • Always download text files, images, videos, and application from a trustworthy source.
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