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Hacking Emails in U.S. – Two Men Arrested

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment September 17, 2016

Two men suspected of possessed by a network that hacked the emails of top American officials including CIA chief John Brennan were arrested Thursday in New york, the government bodies announced.

Andrew Otto Boggs, 22, and Justin Grey Liverman, 24, are charged of getting involved in a group of hackers nicknamed the “Crackas With Attitude” a Justice Department declaration said.

Members of the network illegally accessed the private data of the representatives and their families between October 2015 and Feb 2016, downloading private information and then publishing it on public sites or harassing their victims by telephone, in line with the department.

In least three members of the group reside in Britain, where they are under investigation, the division said.

Boggs, who uses the alias “INCURSIO” and Liverman, who will go by “D3F4ULT, ” are to appear next week before a federal court in Virginia to answer to the charges.

In October 2015, the WikiLeaks organization published documents drawn from Brennan’s personal email messages. He expressed “outrage” over the cyber-attack, saying this individual had not been irresponsible in his use of the personal email account.

Law enforcement in Britain investigating the situation, in February caught a 16-year-old student thought of involvement.

CNN and the technology website motherboard reported at the time that the targets of “Crackas With Attitude” included top CIA officials like Brennan, as well as senior figures in the FBI, the Homeland Protection Department, the White House and other federal companies.

In January, the united states overseer of national intelligence James Clapper said that this individual, too, had been the victim of cyber pirates who gained access to the personal account this individual used for internet and telephone service, managing even to intercept telephone calls from his home, Motherboard reported.

Source: foxnews

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