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Hackers can make Appliances mine Cryptocurrency

Hackers can make Appliances mine Cryptocurrency

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment March 13, 2018

Hackers can make Appliances mine Cryptocurrency –

Experts from the analytical company Stratfor warned about the possibility of using high-tech refrigerators, furnaces and washing machines equipped with computer processors for the cryptocurrency.

According to analysts, “smart” homes with a number of interconnected devices can be particularly vulnerable to cyber attacks of this type.

“If you have a centralized home helper, such as Google Home or [Amazon] Alexa, which connects to many other devices, whether it’s light sources, thermostats, refrigerators, dishwashers and other appliances, it’s possible for intruders to use this node for attacks, “said Stratfor vice president of tactical analysis Scott Stewart.

“We believe that this year hackers will start using new tools and new approaches for attacks of this type,” he added.

According to Stewart, hackers are already using the computing power of home appliances to implement DDoS attacks.

“We are also concerned that household appliances can be used not only for DDoS attacks and the spread of extortion software but also for the production of bitcoin and other crypto-currencies […]. Attackers can grab your equipment and use it to create bitcoins. It sounds crazy, but that’s the facts, “Stewart said.

As Google representatives told, device security is of paramount importance to the company and all communications with Google Home are encrypted by default.

According to representatives of Amazon, the company is serious about customer security and takes measures to ensure the safety of Echo devices.

“These include hardware controls using microphone/camera buttons that prohibit the installation of third-party applications on the device, strict security checks, software security requirements, and encryption of communication between the Echo, Alexa App, and Amazon servers,” they added.

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