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'Guide For Pokemon Go' Android app, require roots & then hijacks devices | Cyberops

‘Guide For Pokemon Go’ Android app, require roots & then hijacks devices

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment September 15, 2016



We all know about  Pokemon Go Game, and its rising day by day. Now another app launched ‘Guide For Pokemon Go‘, and if we talking about number of downloads then its a half million of ‘Pokemon Go’ game player.

Pokemon Go Player download malicious android app, which require that your phone is root, mean this app have full access of your device. The most interesting thing is that this app available on Google Play Store.

As per Kaspersky Lab Researchers estimate that the phone app managed to successfully infect at least 6,000 victims’ phones with the malicious malware before it was removed from the Google Play Store after researchers reported it.

Researchers get latest Trojan – – included harmful and malicious code that rooted victims’ devices and installed various other malicious files and unwanted apps.

After a user installed the app, the malware remained Trojan dormant for a while in order to determine that check its a real phone or virtual machine device.

Once it confirmed that it was on a real device, the Trojan then sent a message over to the hackers who created it with detailed information about the infected device such as the model, OS version, default language, country and more.

After the information was analysed and the victim was deemed suitable enough to meet their needs, the cybercriminal could then order the app to install hidden software to root the system, covertly install other unwanted apps and flood the user’s phone with ads.


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