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Google declares war bought reviews and ratings in Google Play

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment June 8, 2017

Installing apps on Google Play, many of us pay attention to the application rating and reviews from other users.

Unfortunately, not always a high rating, positive feedback and good position of the product on the store page to help make the right choice. The reason is that some developers are buying plants and wind the reviews and ratings. Google plans to deal with it.

The app brings good money only if he has a lot of users. This can be achieved by creating a really good and useful app. Unfortunately, not all choose this path, because you can pick up an application in the Google Play rating and buy positive reviews. From this number of plants to grow. In his recent report to the developers, Google said that they should not use does not quite honest methods to promote their application.

Moreover, the company announced that it will monitor the reviews and purchased installation and punish developers. Probably application stranded rating will be harder to find in the Google Play Store app. Apparently, Google has a way to define bought feedback and installation. How exactly this is done, the company has not yet reported.

This is good news for all but the untrustworthy developers. If Google copes with the problem, users will see honest feedback and really good applications and the creators of high-quality products do not have to fight for a place in the ranking to those who bought it.

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