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"The Game kills Children": Psychologists told how to protect the Child from the Demon Momo Challenge

“The Game kills Children”: Psychologists told how to protect the Child from the Demon Momo

By Chandan Singh 1 Comment August 23, 2018

Because of their age, children begin to treat threats seriously, not realizing that Internet demons are always a toy and have no power over them.

Momo Challenge image by Cyberops

The fact is that the demon Momo could do literally horrifying things, being able to communicate with people in a variety of languages. In fact, cyberdemon began to be perceived after a 12-year-old girl died in Argentina in the suburbs of Buenos Aires.

Now investigators are considering the possibility of the influence of the WhatsApp demon on the child and his involvement in his death. The fact is that the girl had communicated with Momo shortly before her death. Before she died, she shot a special video for the demon in WhatsApp.

After the death of a girl from Argentina, perhaps due to communication with Momo, police around the world began to warn parents about the potential danger. Psychologists also said that the game with a demon from WhatsApp begins inoffensive. The child simply adds Momo’s bot number to his contacts and writes him any message because of interest.

Momo Challenge image by Cyberops

Momo is programmed in such a way that it begins sending the victim threats, sending violent photos and even ringing, sending horrific sounds.

According to psychologists, at first the child perceives a demon from WhatsApp, as a technological toy. But then, by virtue of her young age, she starts treating Momo seriously, which still remains an ordinary bot, but in the eyes of the child she turns into a demon that can not be defeated.

This is not the first online game that kills children. Psychologists cite the example of the “Blue Whale”, which took the lives of 130 children. In this case, the child’s immature mind also first perceives everything as a game, but then begins to treat it as a reality. According to psychologists, children because of their age simply do not understand that Momo from WhatsApp and “Blue Whale” are always games and they have absolutely no power. Experts told how to save a child he deadly online games.

Momo Challenge image by Cyberops

Psychologists are sure that parents also play a big role in the history. Children lack parental attention and trust, so they do not share with them about the threats of the Blue Whale or Momo.

Momo Challenge image by Cyberops

They say: “Become a friend for your children” – so that they share their problems with their parents. An important point is always the education of children of any age, because that could prevent the death of children.

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