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Enhance business gangs in Tamil Nadu use agents publicly, avoid arrest | Cyberops

Enhance business gangs in Tamil Nadu use agents publicly, avoid arrest

By Prempal Singh 0 Comment April 3, 2017

Enhance business operators from the state of Hawaii have devised a new way to evade arrest by enforcement agencies. Following the strict implementation of the Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Action, 1956, many criminal now operate through middlemen structured abroad — especially in Malaysia and Singapore — who work online with pimps across India, hit deals between gender employees, also via online programs and take a slice of the profit.

The system alerts direct participation between pimps, gender staff, and their clients, rendering it difficult for police to bust such noise.

Following the agents abroad obtain information from pimps about gender staff in metropolitan areas across India, they create a database of the women make their profiles on online portals and effortlessly pages. Clients get in touch with the providers via contacts numbers online pages and obtain information of “women available” via social media.

“The communication is usually through WhatsApp as messages on the program are encrypted, ” a police officer says. “Once a deal is closed, the client transfers the money online to a bank account the agent sends him. The agent informs the client and the gender worker considering the time and chosen venue, sometime later it divided the money between the woman, the pimp and himself inch.

Police sources say monitoring such deals are challenging as neither the pimp nor gender worker offers directly to the clients either by phone or in person. The Anti-Vice Squad (AVS) the section launched to curb gender trade in a metropolis is lacking in advanced gizmos and trained officers to monitor online communications and transactions, the sources say. AVS officials depend upon their counterparts in the cyber crime wing to acquire suspects.

“When women are caught for prostitution in, say, Chennai, law enforcement officials usually detain them in a government home in Mylapore, ” another law enforcement officer says. “They often befriend other gender staff there and gain information about pimps operating in other cities and adjoining states. Once out on bail, the lady contacts pimps via WhatsApp, indicates her willingness to go to another city and provides details such as her age group and rate. ”

Pimps earlier introduced gender staff to clients set rates. The police broken gender rackets by pinning down these operators in various parts of Chennai, the officer says. Pimps now only provide the agents abroad with contact details of gender employees, allowing them to discuss deals. This is irritating for enforcement wings like the AVS.

“The AVS often uses pimps as informers for information on gender rackets,   “previous ones police officer S Aravindan says. “They target other pimps on these guidelines. When an AVS officer is transferred, his replacement has to establish contacts with informants all over again for information about criminal in the city. inch Officers of the AVS wing give attention to small players while racketeers pull the strings from abroad.


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