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Delhi Police Now Using 'One touch' internet monitoring system | Cyberops

Delhi Police Now Using ‘One touch’ internet monitoring system

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment December 9, 2016

Prior to the year is out, Delhi Police will be equipped with “one-touch” technology to permit it to better monitor the internet, track social media websites that are being progressively used to propagate fear activities and also help plug gaps in cyber security.

A day after the vulnerability of social media accounts received the spotlight with Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi’s standard Twitter account being hacked and vulgar messages posted to it, sources said Delhi Police’s Special Cellular would be getting the technology within the month.

Soon, with just one touch, the police can gather information from various platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. The technology enables police representatives to set a period so there is absolutely no overlap in conditions of information and dates. Investigators will discover only the information they seek in the particular time-frame they need.

Information will not overlap with previous times. They will only have to enter a time duration and the keyword for the info from the open source can be brought to them, a standard explained. The move comes at a period when the government is pushing the Digital India initiative. Although A Digital India, targeted at empowering the people, also poses a threat to information shared in the digital world can be seen by others and abused or passed on.

“Digital can’t be divorced from cyber security. A digital world without security is much like a pyramid without foundation which can collapse just like a house of cards, ” said cyber law expert Pavan Duggal, adding that digital is the present and the future and we can’t try to escape from it.

He added that the digital world is also misused for cyber fear and radicalization and the duties of companies need to be revisited. Internet law, cyber crime, and cyber security go collectively. “There is also need for international cyber regulation so that a person who is being placed in country X and preaching people in country Y cannot just get away as different countries have different laws. Also, effective legal remedies need to given to victims of internet crimes as well.

Representatives point out that interpersonal media platforms have recently been used for radicalization with terror groups with them for interaction and prohibited outfits uploading videos. “These days, everyone is on social media on various websites. When they come in contact with people who are sharing thoughts on a specific concern, they have an inclination to get inclined towards them. Later, their fans or friends also start doing the same and the channel of communication continues, ” said a police officer.


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