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Corona VIrus Safety

SAFETY FIRST : Steps to Sanitize your Phone at home to Ward-Off Corona.

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment March 18, 2020

Step 1 – Wash your hands. By Following the steps given by WHO i.e steps to wash your hands properly. Step 2 – Use a alcohol based product to clean your phone. Preferably a sanitizer. Do not apply it directly on the Phone use a paper towel or a micro towel. Step 3 – Remove […]

Google: Did you know that the Chrome tracker has no mysterious personal information?

By Shouvik Dutta 0 Comment March 17, 2020

In February, Arnaud Granal, a software developer working on a Chromium-based browser called Kiwi, searched for the head of X-client-data, which Chrome sent to Google when a Google web page was requested, representing a unique identifier that could be used to track people on the web across. As such, it may invade Europe’s privacy regulations. […]

Cybersecurity Tools: How Much Is Fun?

By Shouvik Dutta 0 Comment March 16, 2020

Using too many cybersecurity tools can possibly reduce your organization’s security. A valid argument when we are using too many tools is that some tools may interfere with the rest of the tools. Antivirus package has been a classic example of this idea. If there is more than one antivirus in the same system then […]

Google Releases Tool to Block USB Keystroke

By Shouvik Dutta 0 Comment March 16, 2020

Google has released a tool devised to detect the USB keystroke injections and then be able to detect devices that sent them.  With easy-to-find keystroke injection tools, they are able to send keystrokes faster while not being the victim. Posted in USB, the keystroke injection attack requires a Personal Device Call. According to Linux systems, a […]

Keyloggers can be built using a smartphone’s gyroscope sensor and how Android users can be safeguarded.

By Aneesh A S 0 Comment February 28, 2020

All smartphones are equipped with a sensor called gyroscope. It determines the precise direction of the device`s tilt. This can be used to automatically activate some functions like auto-rotate screen , handling a vehicle in a racing game and many more. These sensors are becoming more precise as smartphones evolve. Two researchers from UC Davis […]

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