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BT Launches a New Cybersecurity Counselling Course | Cyberops

BT Launches a New Cybersecurity Counselling Course

By Shouvik Dutta 0 Comment March 16, 2020

BT has launched a new Security Advisory Services system that will provide its customers with navigation advice on their cybersecurity journey.

The unit led by Tris Morgan, who is the director of BT Security has made up 300 specialist professionals globally providing strategic safety guidance for organizations to help them deal with today’s major security problems and prepare for the latest technology and challenges for the future.

The Security Advisory will be handled by the BT Security team which protects BT from about 125,000 cyber-attacks each month and provides security solutions to consumers, governments, and businesses.

The services provided will be divided into four main categories: cyber threats, total trust, governance, risk and cloud security compliance, allowing consumers to evaluate and test their own protection and choose solutions that best match their security needs.

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