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Barcode Scanning App Removed From Play Store

By Arham Jain 0 Comment February 13, 2021

Barcode scanner joins the list of apps being removed from play store after a recent update which turned the app into an adware. The app has been on play store for years and had over 10 million downloads.

Why was the app removed? 

The question here arises why after so many years the app was found to be malicious? Initially the app was what it stated “A barcode scanner” but after a recent update it turned into an adware. Users reported that ads started to pop up in their default browser out of nowhere. Due to the app having an enormous number of users it was difficult to trace back the malware to it, but one user noticed the recent update and backtracked the malware to this app. 

Interestingly this app was also a part of the program called Play Pass program which offered features like ad-free access to premium apps for free to its subscribers. Before being taken down from the play store the app was registered under “LAVABIRD LTD”, which surprisingly still has a few apps on play store. 

In case you still have Barcode Scanner installed on your phone then uninstall it immediately before being caught up by an adware. If not able to identify the app, use AppChecker and remove the app. 

What is adware? 

Adware is also known as advertisement-supported software. These are used to include ads in an application and get monetized out of that. Adware is most commonly spotted in free software and applications. Adware can be both safe and malicious depending on what purpose they are serving. Some adware is highly malicious and manipulative which persuade the user into downloading even more harmful apps or malwares. 

Keeping yourself safe 

Keep an eye out for suspicious activities such as random ads popping on your browser, device getting slow or unresponsive, spotting an app you never downloaded etc. But humans are prone to not detect an adware at the first sight so the best way to be safe is using an antivirus and keeping it up to date. Regular antivirus scanning keeps your device free from any such threats. 

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