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Be Aware ! Wireless Headphone can be hacked easily | Cyberops

Be Aware ! Wireless Headphone can be hacked easily

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment May 12, 2017

The intelligence agencies, large corporations, and the hackers we do not listen and do not look, using microphones and cameras built into all sorts of gadgets and computers. Supporters of the “conspiracy theory” has long been taped with electrical tape eye on their laptops, cameras, to avoid becoming a victim, but from the ubiquitous technologies can not escape. Safety experts from Israel have demonstrated that with the help of vulnerability in a codec Realtek attackers can monitor on us through ordinary headphones, not enable with a microphone.

The fact that the headphones are able to act as a microphone, has long been known. Not so it is a surprising fact. However, stick these headphones would have the slot for the microphone, and it is unlikely hackers could use this to your “life hacking”. Experts from Israel have shown that any headphones can be hacked remotely turning them into the microphone to listen to the victim. Of course, this does not mean that it is time to throw out your headphones in the trash and start making a tinfoil hat, but once again raises questions about the limitations of the current technologies in terms of security.

In fact, the crack had not the headphones and the computer to which they are connected. Developers have written a small Speake virus (a) r (pun from “speaker” and “ear”) using exploit detected in codecs Realtek manufacture (technology is found in the vast majority of motherboards). Attacked computer software swaps ports for headphones and microphone, after which ordinary headphones flick of the wrist” are transformed into the microphone. And the quality of the transmitted audio – pretty high that allows you to hear the people who are at a distance of 6-7 meters.

Of course, this is just a harmless experiment, and it has not yet tried to play on computers that use technology different from Realtek(microphone driver). In addition, the researchers are not sure that these viruses exist outside of their laboratory. But as we are all aware, if such a possibility exists, it surely someone for a long time and very successfully uses for their own selfish purposes.

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