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Author: Arham Jain

Barcode Scanning App Removed From Play Store

By Arham Jain 0 Comment February 13, 2021

Barcode scanner joins the list of apps being removed from play store after a recent update which turned the app into an adware. The app has been on play store for years and had over 10 million downloads. Why was the app removed?  The question here arises why after so many years the app was […]

Malicious Chrome Extensions Lets Hackers Steal Your Data

By Arham Jain 0 Comment February 10, 2021

Millions of users have had their data stolen by a few chrome extensions. Google recently removed around 500 extensions from chrome webstore which were tagged as “Malicious” and were stealing users browsing data.  Chrome sync feature One of the most recent such extensions was the chrome sync, it abused the chrome sync feature by threat […]

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