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All About creating Torrent File

By Prempal Singh 0 Comment June 17, 2016

1.Torrent are the best way to talk about large documents or file with your buddies, friends and family, or even with people an specific know at all. Although surprisingly enough, not many people create torrents when they need to discuss something. I have “a lot of” friends who understand how to download torrents, but when they have to send me personally their latest 200MB holiday picture collection, they ask me to “get on msn”.

It’s not that I have anything against msn (although the document or data file transfer sucks), but why don’t just use BitTorrent? Especially if you need to deliver something to more than one person, or if you need to share high quality HDTV files, because then you can certainly share the bandwidth.

What exactly is do this? Well it’s very simple. Open your chosen BitTorrent client and do that whats happening here:
File > Create Torrent

That’s it? Well at least. All you need to do now is put in the tracker information and click on some check box. This can be different somewhat from client to client but it all comes down to the ditto thing.



  1. Create new torrent
  2. – File>Torrent or press ctrl + N
  3. Select the file and directories
  4. Trackers: Most of people think that it is very hard. But its too much easy, just put in one of the latest trackers. Generally one tracker is enough but you can add more trackers.
  5. We are providing you some tracker

Select one of these and put in the tracker box.

  1. Do not tick the private torrent box.
  2. Save in the torrent and now you can send to your friends.
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