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After 'Serious Breach' Site Down of EurekAlert | Cyberops

After ‘Serious Breach’ Site Down of EurekAlert

By Chandan Singh 0 Comment September 15, 2016


EurekAlert Site Down after ‘Serious Breach’ sees cyber hackers leak embargoed studies on Twitter.

The widely used science news journal website EurekAlert, is down after having a major breach saw hackers leak embargoed news releases and studies on Twitter. EurekAlert said they were notified of a “potential breach” on 11 September, which started an investigation. It was later uncovered that the site underwent “an intense attack” on 9 September.

The website’s registrants’ email usernames and passwords are thought to have been affected. Yet, EurekAlert stressed that financial information of clients, members, readers and subscribing institutions are not stored on the site, indicating that, that particular data set may well not have been afflicted by the breach. At the time of writing, the site still remains down. EurekAlert said their team was trying to “bring the site back online as soon as we can ensure that vulnerabilities have been eliminated”.
“The EurekAlert! website has been used offline as AAAS works diligently to address a serious security breach. All of us are taking this step out of an large quantity of caution. The honesty of content on our website features the maximum concern to us. Because we were working to implement a secure password-reset protocol for all registrants, the unknown hacker openly released an embargoed EurekAlert! news release. We then decided to bring the site down immediately, to protect other embargoed content, ” said Ginger Pinholster, Chief Communications Officer and Director for AAAS (the American Association for the Advancement of Science).


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