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3 Zero-Day exploits patches by Apple after activist is hacked | Cyberops

3 Zero-Day exploits patches by Apple after activist is hacked

By Chandan Singh 1 Comment August 26, 2016

apple patch zero day exploits

Apple has rolled out a patch for three recently unknown zero-day exploits that were used to focus on the iPhone 6 of Ahmed Mansoor, an award-winning individual human rights activist located in the United Arab Emirates. Security company Lookout and internet watchdog group Citizen Laboratory investigated the attack on Mansoor’s iPhone and located it to be the product of NSO Group, a “cyber war” corporation based in Israel which accountable for distributing a strong|an excellent, government exclusive spywares products called Pegasus.

The attempted hack require benefit of three zero-day intrusions that would allow the attacker to jailbreak Mansoor’s iPhone and set up spyware to track his movements, record his WhatsApp and Viber calls, check his messages and gain access to his microphone and camera. Mansoor did not click on the link delivered to his phone that would have enabled these features, instead alerting Citizen Laboratory researchers.

Use of a specific spyware product provide by government, UAE has already targeted Mansoor so Citizen Laboratory believes the UAE is behind the attack.

Once Citizen Laboratory found out the zero-days, it approached Apple and according to the company respond quickly. Apple released a software update today, iOS 9.3.5, that details the three flaws.

Source: Apple, Citizen Laboratory 

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