What To Do When Your Facebook Account Is Hacked

Oct 26, 2016 | 11:11 am

Published by | Chandan Singh


Most of  the people, having their Facebook account hack is a major problem. Imagine if someone experienced access to all of your private messages, could contact your friends, abuse your Facebook  page, and delete your personal information. To prevent this, you should regularly upgrade your password and keep other security settings small.

Once it’s too later, however, you must take action fast. The most crucial thing is – don’t panic! You can regain entry to your account.

How do you know your facebook account was hacked?

If you found suspicious activities on your facebook account like chatting with someone, likes, comments, and your password is not changed then you can easily review your login detail with IP and examine that is there any suspicious login or not?

go to > Home > Account Settings > Security >Where you’re logged in


And if you think your account accessed by the anonymous person then just click on End Activity and then change your password as soon as possible.

  • Reset Your Password

If your password is changed, then, first of all, change your password with the help of forgot password


Then  just enter your email/phone/username


and then choose reset password methods like a way to get reset code, which may be your phone number or email ID


Change Your Password

If your account was hacked with social engineering techniques and your password is not changed yet then firstly change your password go to > Home > Account Settings >General and click > Password

Make Sure your password should be Strong.


  • Report Compromised Account

If you think your facebook account is not a simple hacked or use to in spam and advertisements then you can report to facebook to compromised your account.


  • Remove Suspicious Application

If your facebook account hacked oftentimes, then most probably you save application is not genuine so remove the suspicious application. The reason behind is that   when we register in an application of games, or fun apps then we forgot to log out that apps and apps save your username and password. And it would be harmful to your facebook account.

go to > Home > Account Settings > Apps 

and remove it from your account.



So aware about the security of online accounts because there are many ways to hack the email account. Becuase 90% hacking is based on not aware of cyber crime and their security. Make sure your password must be strong. You can read our article which helps you to identify fake facebook profiles.