What is Brute Force Attack

Sep 03, 2016 | 8:49 am

Published by | Chandan Singh

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Definition of Brute Force Attack

A Brute Force Attack is trial method which is used to get vital information of victim such as username and password. In this attack, automated software are used to file, contains large number of guesses as to the data of desired values. Hackers use this attack to crack encrypted data, guess username and password of accounts. And if we talking about in good manner then security analyst are use there attack to test an company or organization’s complete network security.

Explain of Brute Force Attack

Example of Brute Force Attack also known as Dictionary Attack, that tries all the words which in dictionary file. Other examples of Brute Force Attack try commonly username and password, which based on permutation and combination of character such as victim user name and password are admin and 123456.

Nature of this attack can be consume resources and time so because its called Brute Force Attack. The Success Ratio is always based on attacker computer configuration or power and number of permutation and combinations tried rather then algorithm.

Protect Yourself 

  • Don’t Use guessable username like ‘admin’
  • Use Strong Password which combination of characters, numbers, special characters and punctuation, or you can visit also to how to choose strong password.
  • If you are developer then use account lockout policy after 4 to 6 try into login account and use Captcha, so attackers are not able to use automated Brute Force Attack software.