In the United States will Create a Government Agency for Cybersecurity

Jan 29, 2018 | 5:14 pm

Published by | Vikrant Singh

In the United States will Create a Government Agency for Cybersecurity  | United States Govt Cybersecurity –

The US House of Representatives passed a bill to establish an agency for cybersecurity and infrastructure security.

The project was developed within 5 months and was supported by the majority of members of the House of Representatives. The creation of a new agency involves the reorganization of a number of units of the US Department of Homeland Security to increase the robustness of the US cybersecurity in the event of emergencies and attacks on critical infrastructure facilities.

As US Internal Security Minister Kirstjen Nielsen stated, the critical infrastructure of the country can become the main target for terrorists, foreign states, hackers and ordinary criminals. “As the situation with threats changes and becomes more complex, our approach to ensuring security must develop,” she noted.

Let’s remind, earlier it became known about the creation of the first in Russia engineering center of cybersecurity “SafeNet”. Its opening is scheduled for March 2018.

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