Two Factor authentication security (Gmail)

Aug 13, 2016 | 12:01 pm

Published by | Chandan Singh

What is Two Way Authentication Security:

Two way authentication security is a process to authenticate user login twice to check whether login is genuine or fake.

Two different scenarios can be discussed with example:

Case 1: One Way Authentication


Everyone have E-Mail IDs and the normal practice to login is via:

User Name and Password

Now in such Scenario there are potential risks:

Attacker can get your password via key-logger (Key-Logger is a software which capture keystrokes   of your keyboard)
Close friends ,relatives  and anyone can guess your password via information gathering technique.       This can help attackers / hackers access to login to you account and user who’s account is compromised can be a victim of cyber threats where your personal information can be misused.

Case 2: Two Factor Authentication

Now when every E-mail ID is protected using two way authentication will be never a victim of potential cyber threats the reason is that now every login will ensure account security.

What is the process of Two Way Authentication

User Name and Password
After user enter credentials one time password is sent to registered user’s mobile phone / Email to verify the user.
User also receives Browser and time details when login is from different location,System,Phone etc.

Now if the Login is from unknown source, user will receive OTP (One Time Password) and user will be notified that his account is accessed by unknown user.

This will ensure the security of Email accounts and thus protect information from being compromised if in wrong hands.

two way authentication

So, in order to protect your Email accounts ensure that you have you Two Way Authentication security.

This security settings is used by every Mail provider,App and Social media platform and even banking systems.

So now post reading enable Two Way Authentication to your every account mail, social media banking etc.

Below tutorial will help you to understand the process to enable 2 way authentication security in GMAIL.

Step 1: Login in your Gmail Account
Google Apps  >>  My Account


Step 2: Go to Sign-in & Security your account will logout automatically for security reasons, so re-enter your password.


Step 3: Scroll down and you will see 2-Step Verification is off, so click “ON” verification,this will enable two way verification


Step 4: Post enabling the verification user will be directed to “GET STARTED” page


Step 5: Enter your phone number and choose option to get codes (Text Message or Phone Call) click on TRY IT, then user will receive code on your phone.


Step 6: Enter the code carefully, and if code is not received click on Resend, else click on NEXT.


Step 7: If code is correct then user will see a message ” It worked! “…..

Turn on 2-Step Verification?
Now Click TURN ON.


Step 8: 2-Step Verification is turn on, now whenever you login in your account you need password and OTP code.


Note: Make sure while login Don’t ask again on this computer is unchecked.

Because if you forgot to unchecked then gmail will never prompt for  Two way authentication and login will proceed with your password.


Its done, I think this post will help you to understand why Two way authentication is essential.

Now the Question arises….
What  if my phone is out of network area?
So how do i access my mail now….

Wait for new post how to get verification code when phone network is out of coverage.

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