Tor Found a Dangerous Vulnerability to Leak User’s Original IP

Nov 06, 2017 | 5:27 pm

Published by | Chandan Singh

Tor found a dangerous vulnerability to leak user’s original IP-

In Italy, cybersecurity specialists found a vulnerability in Tor’s anonymous network, which could lead to De-anonymization of service users.

The VAPT was confronted by the employee of the company We Are Segment Filippo. The Venetian expert on IT security found a gap in the protocols of the network among users of the operating systems MacOS and Linux. Due to the vulnerability, it was possible to track the owners of network nodes.

Employees of We Are Segment reported the discovery to the developers of Tor. Their discovery could put an end to the existence of a service that was designed to preserve the anonymity of its users through encryption. They decided to betray the story only after the breach was eliminated. The developers thanked the “ethical hackers” after eliminating the problem.