Street crimes: Arrested using CCTV footage

Nov 11, 2016 | 2:39 pm

Published by | Chandan Singh


The network of CCTV cameras in the location has proven convenient for the police to split some serious street accidents.

The town police recently caught two persons, who theft a mobile phone of person, after checking the footage of the event captured in a CCTV security camera in the Satpur colony area. In the month of September, the Satpur police caught a man who was trying to break open up an ATM in Ashok Nagar area of Satpur.

The police officials said the financial institution officials saw the footage of the person attempting to open the ATM and immediately approached them. “Though the thief had left the atm by the time the police reached the place, the sleuths combed the complete area and arrested him, ” an officer said.

APC (Assistant police commissioner) (crime) Sachin Gore said there have been quite a few cases where the CCTV security footage has provided essential clues to discover the case. For instance, The killers and kidneppers of a 17 year old boy from Malegoan were tracked by scanning CCTV coverage in October last year.