Smart App Lock (Android App)

Jul 21, 2016 | 8:21 pm

Published by | Chandan Singh

Smart App Lock is a Android App which you can secure your other app including Smart App Lock, so never can open app like your bank official app, Social Chat Apps and much more.
So basically there are some steps to install and use of Smart App Lock.

Step 1: Download Smart App Lock from play store, just enter Smart App Lock in Search Bar and tap on search, then there are many suggestions to smart app lock then tap on AppLock (Smart App Lock) and install it.


Step 2: After installing then its ask a password to enter Smart App Lock And its default or initial password is 7777 which showing on your mobile screen.


Step 3: When you are enter in Smart App Lock then just go to setting to manage lock according to you and safety purpose.


Step 4: Then go to Password & Pattern Settings


Step5: Now you can see many options which you can change according to your requirement, to customized password tap on Lock Type.


Step 6: Now a pop up occur and click according to your way of password like password (Numeric), pattern, Password (Character), Gesture.


Step 7: Now Click on pattern due to security purpose because in Smart App lock you can customized the number of Dots in pattern by changing width and height. And you can change default password.


Step 8: Then draw you pattern, and go back add your apps which you want to password protect, for example we can add File manger.

Step 9: Now close Smart App Lock and open File manger in your Android Menu, Then ils ask pattern password then draw your pattern and unlock your locked file manger.

Step 10: If you are draw right pattern then its successfully enter.