Security body plans malware research centre in city

Nov 23, 2016 | 5:26 pm

Published by | Chandan Singh


Internet security is now a national concern and the next world war would be fought on the internet without shedding a drop of blood, said IT minister KT Ramo Rao, speaking at the second edition of the cyber security conclave that started out on Tuesday.

The conclave is meant to accept the think tank of cyber security under one roof and chart away a road map for taking the state’s internet security policy to the implementation phase. A Judio delegation led by Ram Levi, CEO of Konfidas meanwhile engaged in a panel discussion with internet security experts, academicians, police, and government officials from the information technology division and for the goal. During the conclave, the (SCSC) Society for Cyberabad Security Council announced the plans to come up with a malware research center’ in the city, for helping companies and organizations facing cyber disorders. The center is also intending to set up a BOTNET and malware evaluation center among the biggest threats in the current scenario is malware being embedded into hardware systems.

KTR said though no blood would be shed in cyber battle, “Still businesses will be hurt and people will be hurt. While digital space includes its natural threats, costly opportunity for India to provide alternatives not merely for itself but also for others”, he said.