Online Users Safety Tips

Nov 05, 2016 | 2:58 pm

Published by | Chandan Singh


Rising of internet technologies then almost everyone time spend on the internet, it is a good thing also, paperwork is almost stopped such as cheque transfer, bill submission, bus/railway/flight reservation and much more things.  Everything depends on World Wide Web. Linking is so easy that toddlers can tap around the Web on the gadget; Grandparents can get online, anywhere, without even recognizing it; we can buy, sell, bank, work, and socialize online, and the complete ecosystem is rife with dangers and malefactors. All of us often speak about needing to be more careful than ever before, but it’s never recently been much easier to be careless.

  • Never trust on open Wi-Fi

Everything about an open Wi-Fi connection puts you at risk, beginning with the trust you place in the network’s capacity. For instance, criminals may create a Wi-Fi killer spot and name it something plausible, like McDonalds wide open wifi or Hotel Guests.

Then, let’s say you; ve made sure an open Wi-Fi network is absolutely what it seems to be. That doesn’t mean is actually safe, it means that network and you will the victim of MITM (Men In  Middle Attack) so just avoid visiting sites that require a login, and especially avoid any financial deals. No banking, no shopping. If possible, use a VPN.

WiFi Security Advisory by Cyberops

  • Choosing Strong Password

Your name, pet name, family names and details, birthdays make for supremely unsafe passwords. Instead, start with things others are unlikely to guess and use our password checker as a tool to help you learn to build better passwords. The good information is, a reliable security password doesn’t have to be something similar to cy3r@0-ps#$ random string you’ll never remember. Try our techniques to create strong security passwords that are easy to memorize.

How to Choose Strong Password

  • Don’t Reusing security passwords

Nowadays we create many online accounts, but sometimes we are using the same password for almost all account, a purpose of remembering. Although you have chosen an awesome new password. Easy to remember, hard to crack. Guess what You’re heading to need to know more passwords. And you could the victim of a hacker, once hacker guesses your password, chances are much better that your login credentials will be compromised in some huge database hack. And if one login name and password opens your email, bank account, Amazon, Facebook, well, you find the idea.

How to Hack Email Account

Email Account Security Advisory by Cyberops

  • Don’t Click on unknown or untrusted links

Most probably Cyber Criminals used this technique to affect victim’s mobile, computer important or personal data. You can receive that type of links via emails or social networking sites like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc or social media messenger such as WhatsApp, Hike, Line, Viber. Whenever you click or tap on this link then you could the victim of phishing, malware/adware/rootkit install, IP trace or any harmful things.

Sometimes we open random websites like how to hack facebook account or anything, then website force to install software with the permission of administrator and force to disable anti-virus or firewall. And user not able to think about that or install software. Although the software is not working but behind the process, hacker installs RAT/Trojan/Ransomware on your computer or mobile system without your permission.

So don’t click on unknown or untrusted links. You can install the Virtual operating system on your computer.

How to install Virtual Box on Windows Operating System

How to install Windows Operating System in Virtual Box

  • Don’t Share your personal Information in publicly

Your personal information must be private and don’t be shared with anyone. Your login credentials (username and password) of all account is not in writable form such as in your diary, on your draft email etc.

  • Don’t Share your all activities on Social Media

If you are a victim of cyber criminals, then hacker monitoring your all activities like your check In, check out, traveling with family or with friends. So it could be dangerous for you.


As an online user, you have to aware about cybercrime and scams. Because 70% Cyber Crimes are done when people are not aware of this. So update or aware with us or subscribe us for updates about cyber security.