Online Activities That Can Get You Arrested

Oct 29, 2016 | 6:05 pm

Published by | Chandan Singh


If you think that you could escape with doing anything on the web then you are wrong. Nowadays cyber crime is on a peak, and Indian agencies are the monitor to everyone. We saw more cases like Bollywood movie publish on torrent, file sharing, social networking sites crime etc. So here are some online activities that can get you arrested. And these activities are very common in our life

File  Sharing

Sharing of records or files that you’re unapproved to share can arrive you into a problem. P2P document sharing through some websites or tools like a torrent and other file sharing applications is illicit in every one of the nations. Subsequently, it is dependably a smart thought to abstain from pilfering documents on the web and locate a real technique to download/stream and watch your most loved shows or motion pictures from the web.

Post Lyrics on Social Media Web Sites

Yes! it is in under Copyright! This rarely happens yet you can be never certain in the matter. But if you want to impress someone then do not post lyrics on social media websites and application.

Offense status messages or tweets

This is a very common cyber crime which done by normal people, they are using abusive language or point out of another one with offense language. Generally, we see on facebook and twitter against actors, actress, politicians or our friends. So think about your comment and status before posting on social networking sites.

Open Wi-Fi

If your Wi-Fi is not protected with the password, then it could be a very serious crime. Suppose your home or office Wi-Fi is not protected with password then anyone can use your internet and do crime, while investigation your Wi-Fi IP and logs are in suspected and you could be go to jail for this crime.


Nowadays there are many websites which provide online betting, which is totally illegal in India, so be aware of that sites, and never use these type of websites.


At this point, you more likely than not understood that the web is not a luxurious situation as it may have appeared to you before. Digital life is even troublesome in spots where there are strict laws. Try to mark off the crates above to appreciate a cheerful session of surfing! And be aware of internet life.

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