Logs of Apple iMessage can be stored up to 30 days disclose your contact list

Sep 30, 2016 | 5:48 pm

Published by | Chandan Singh


Users possessing Apple’s iPhone, ipad tablet, iPod or even Mac Computer System, believe the iMessage service is fully encrypt and secure as promised by the company. Recenly report, yet claims that Apple stores logs of iMessage for approximately 30 times on its servers and can even hand them to law enforcement government bodies if required.

An Intercept report says Apple, in contrast to popular belief, not only stores the records of contacts an consumer communicates with this platform, but also show the time and of contact combined with the wearer’s IP address. The system, nevertheless, does not maintain records for content in the messages.

“When legislation enforcement presents us with a valid court order, we provide the requested important information if it is within our ownership. Because iMessage is protected end-to-end, we do not get access to the contents of those communications but in some cases, we are able to provide data from server logs that are made from customers accessing certain programs on their devices, “the organization told Intercept.

Apple during the past has always maintained that they do not store data related to consumers’ location. When they are able to retain the IP address of the associated with an end user, it can lead to that user’s location or locations over a period of time.

The thought comes at a time when larger debates on data privacy have used center stage with a tussle between federal government bodies and data privacy recommends. While authorities like the FBI believe these intrusion into mandatory to prevent hackers activities and extremist/terror attacks, privacy advocates say privacy cannot be affected in the name of security more so when the public will not know where their data is going.